Because we give a frapp

When I get a hold of my own frapp, I'll upload MY pic then. :)

So I’m a little excited about this because I’m a self proclaimed coffee junky.  I just heard thru the grapevine that Starbucks is going to roll out a soy-based Frappacino.  Making it a VEGAN frappacino.   YAAY!  Vegan options from anywhere is always a PLUS in my book. :)

According to LA based vegan blogger and gothamist, its going to be served in Starbucks everywhere on May 5th.  They’ve apparently quietly rolled it out in Los Angeles areas that have run out of the old concoctions and also to test it out.  As for calories, I don’t think that info has been released yet, but if its vegan…calories don’t count. (hahaha).  Their regular Tall frapps are about 180 calories, so I’m going to assume it’ll be around the same.  More if you throw on whip (for non-vegans).

Now, vegans and lactose intolerants can unite and have “milk shake”- like sugar laden coffees from almost any street corner of the city.  That really makes me smile.  WoHOOO!

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