Super Star

I heard from an old friend today. It’s been years since we last talked, but after a quick game of ‘catch up’, it felt like old times. It’s always nice to hear that others are doing good and making positive strides to be the best they can. I received positive words of encouragement about my soychick designs, which meant a lot too.

It is often said that your core friends or people you consider as close circle of friends reflect you as a person. These people can have serious influences on your life, so choose wisely and make sure they are people that help you strive to be a better person!

Some of these friends you talk to daily, or weekly and others you communicate with less frequently. Sometimes life gets in the way and some core friends get busy and fall into the background temporarily, but continue to play a major role. My old friend is one of those with a permanent seat on my “board” and will continue to have a seat even with a few absences. I’m glad things are looking up for my friend. :-)

This soychick is dedicated to my buddy.


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